Warehouse Management System

Fulcrum WMS enables you to take control of your warehouse by combining accuracy and flexibility in an easy to use system.


Scan receipts, picks, packs and cycle counts to provide accurate inventory and eliminate mis-ships.


Fulcrum has multiple ways to process orders and can be selected dynamically when you start fulfilling orders.
  • Tote Picking - pick multiple orders at the same time
  • Batch pick - Automatically pick group of orders and print pick tickets; pack individual orders
  • Batch pick/pack - Automatically pick and pack a group of orders. Items are allocated to cartons in the shipping module.
  • Batch ship - Print labels for multiple orders with a single click.
  • Pick and pack via scanner/tablet


Fulcrum is robust out of the box, but is easily customized to fit your specific needs. You tell us what you need, and we'll listen. We'll give you options and work together to build your solution. No more dead-end software. No more "That's on our development road-map and we'll get to it when we can".


Fulcrum is web-based, easy to use and fast to setup. Users find the interface intuitive and easy to learn.


Reports are web-based and can be exported to Excel. Reports can also be automatically emailed each night. Orders follow a work flow, allowing full visibility. Line items have individual statuses, so an order can be in one or more of the following:
  • Ready To Fulfill
  • Backorder
  • To Be Picked
  • To Be Packed
  • To Be Shipped
  • Fulfilled

Multiple Warehouses

Fulcrum supports multiple warehouses as well as order routing. A single order can be fulfilled out of multiple warehouses based on shipping destination and inventory.


Fulcrum integrates with several platforms. If yours isn't listed (and it has an API), we can build one!
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