When's the last time you heard the phrase "search engine" or "online meeting"? They've been replaced by "Google" and "Zoom". Google has become the de-facto search brand and Zoom the e-meeting brand. To follow suit, Amazon is the de-facto e-commerce brand while Walmart is the king of brick and mortar (with a side of e-comm).

In an effort to ramp up e-commerce fulfillment for the Holidays, Walmart has carved out space in 42 Regional Distribution Centers in what they call "pop-up eCommerce Distribution Centers".

In order to facilitate this move Walmart upgraded their supply chain software. Traditionally, RDCs ship pallets of goods to our stores, which is very different than sending packages directly to customer homes.

We see this trend in 3PL's as well. Although not specifically designed as a distribution center, the lack of e-commerce fulfillment is prominent. Shopping Cart Fulfillment fills this void with a solution that makes it easy to manage high order volumes.

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