Third Party Logistics Software

Fulcrum 3PL allows you to easily manage your clients, their inventory and orders.

Dynamic pick/pack/ship work flows

Each of your clients has different types of products with different fulfillment needs. Fulcrum gives you the ability to use different pick/pack/ship work flows for each owner.

Batch Shipping

  • No more third party tools to print postage! Print postage labels directly from Fulcrum to streamline the fulfillment process
  • Pick, pack and ship multiple orders at once using integrated labels


Fulcrum's billing package makes invoicing a snap!
  • Assign pick/pack/ship rates per owner
  • Add miscellaneous charges
  • Discount/markup postage rates
  • Sync invoices to QuickBooks™


Fulcrum integrates with several platforms. If yours isn't listed (and it has an API), we can build one!
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